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All Dear BUYOBDII.COM OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Customers ! Chinese traditional New Year Festival is around the corner (From 8th,Feb.,2018 to 22th,Feb.,2018)  All orders during which will be delayed to send out once we back from holiday,so if there are any items in our store that you are interested in as well as in order to […] News & Deals Deals & Promotion News

which one ECU programmer can decrypt BMW CAS4


Xprog m 5.72 ECU Programming can decrypt new version BMW CAS4 Latest Xprog programmer 5.72 Box ECU Programmer without usb dongle works on Windows XP/WIN7/WIN10, THIS IS THE only version Xprog m-M which can decrypt new version BMW CAS4. Xprog 5.72 ECU Programmer Version: Latest software version: V5.72 Firmware:V3.9 Xprog programmer 5.72 Box Authorizations: AUTH-0001 Motorola […] News & Deals

How to Change the Peugeot 2004 BSI HC05 Mileage by OBDSTAR X300 DP


OBDSTAR X300 DP Change Mileage on Peugeot 2004 BSI HC05 OBDSTAR X300 DP/X300 Pro3/Key Master/Key Master DP has released free Pin code reading, ecu auto identification, eeprom read/write, odometer correction features for Peugeot/Citroen/DS models: Here’s an example on reset odometer on Peugeot 2004 BSI HC05 Remove Peugeot BSI box from car Connect X300 DP/Key Master […]

Mileage Programmer Peugeot Diagnostic Tool

DIY : KTAG 7.020 Hardware software Free Download


You can make your own KTAG 7.020, but we don’t offer any technical support Or you can buy Ktag 7.020 EURO Online Version No Token Limited Full Protocols Activated Perfect Version from us. KTAG 7.020 Hardware software Free Download :!60lHmYzb!YP_i-UHfyUAVCZ74GcmMyw KTAG 7.020 Master is the new generation KTAG Master Kit for all the ECU […]

ECU Chip Tunning KTAG 7.020 OBD2 Software Free Download

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer vs SKP1000


Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer vs SKP1000 vs SKP 900 What’s the difference among Lonsdor K518ISE, SKP1000 and superobd SKP900 car key programmers? Check detail table comparison below: Key programmer SKP900 SKP1000 Lonsdor K518ISE Head picture Price $399 $499 $1,299 Touch screen √ √ Wifi √ Adapters / Package SKP1000 vs skp900 in pacakge: add touch […]

Lonsdor Key Programmer

How to solve the FVDI Full error 5 problem


How to solve the “FVDI error 5″ problem and FVDI Full error 5 problem solution introduction Customers may get the following problem: Installing fvdi ABRITES Commander software, but the system prompt “fvdi error 5″ as the following picture show. FVDI Full error 5 problem solution video  : That because the anti-virus software in your computer destory […]


Lonsdor K518ISE odometer adjustment coverage


Lonsdor K518ISE is able to perform odometer adjustment on some car models including VW, Porsche, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Audi, Renault, Hummer, Hyundai, Kia etc. Here we go one by one. Tab “VW”, get option: IMMO4, Phaeton, IMMO2 & IMMO3. Tab “IMMO 4”, have options: NEC 24C32, NEC 95320, 2013 NEC 24C64, NEC 24C64, […]

Auto Key Programmer Lonsdor Key Programmer

Honda HDS software 3.102.029 download free on Mega


What’s the difference between HDS 3.102.004 and 3.102.029? any update? Sorry, I don’t know. Have a try yourself. 3.102.004 is tested ok but 3.102.029 is being tested Support Windows 7? Yes, worked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32 or 64 bit Anyone has success with it? I’m waiting for HDS 3.102.029 reviews also. Which […]

Automotive Software OBD2 Software Free Download

How to change mileage for Ford Mondeo using Digiprog 3


How to change mileage for Ford Mondeo using Digiprog 3 Confirmed! Digiprog 3 can correct the mileage on a Ford Mondeo through OBD. Connect the DP3 unit to the car thru the OBD port Power on Enter password In the DP3 main menu, select CAR/TRUCK Select FORD MONDEO DIAG 2008 Current odometer: 189237km Go for […]

Digiprog 3 Ford Diagnostic Tool Mileage Programmer

100% Tested Ok : OBDSTAR H110 VAG I+C IMMO+ KM tool


OBDSTAR H110 VAG I+C IMMO+ KM tool key programmer is available, New arrived in BUYOBDII :OBDSTAR H110, it provides users with good solution to 4th and 5th generation for VW, including VW models. Function: Immo key programmer (Read Pin Code) & cluster calibration OBDSTAR H110 VAG features: 1.Supports VAG 4th 5th Immo Remote key programming/pin code reading […]

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