$184.99USD Buy Lexia3 PP2000 921815C+Renault Can Clip AN2131QC Full Chip

0 Comment Wholesale high quality Lexia3 Lexia-3 PP2000 921815C+Renault Can Clip AN2131QC Full Chip at cheap price available,only $189USD,now you can buy Lexia3 Lexia-3 921815C + V1.7 Renault Can Clip Full Chip here : Lexia-3 Lexia3 PP2000 921815C+Renault Can Clip Full Chip AN2131QC

lexia3 pp2000 921815c + renault.png

ThingsĀ  customers should to know before purchasing

1.Lexia-3 PCB edge is golden with original full chip 921815C. Double PCB has 7pcs optocouplers, which are 100% original and new,see pix show

Lexia3 PP2000 Full Chip 921815C

2.Renault Can Clip Full Chip with Gold Edge CYPRESS AN2131QC ,super high quality

Renault Can Clip Full Chip

3.Lexia 3 PP2000 works with most of forCitroen and forPeugeot cars from 1995 to 2015. Now support for Peugeot 307,while Renault Can Clip Diagnostic Interface is the best diagnostic tool for Renault cars from 1998-2016.

4.Supports Multi-functions as well as multi Languages.

5.Pls Disconnect Internet and close Anti-virus Software before using.

6.Best recommended Software System: Windows XP or Win7 32bit.

Currently,this is one of bestselling product combination in our store with a great quality and cheap affordable price. If you have any questions about product,pls don’t hesitant to contact us from below

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