Customer’s FAQs About KESS 5.017 KESS V2 5.017 Sharing !

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KESS 5.017 has become a super hot ECU Chipping tuning tool in the  market for its great performance,multi vehicles supported and affordable price.And following are some Hot FAQ that most customers cared about KESS V5.017,which are always talked most in the forum and i belive,it will be useful for buyers who are planning to buy KESS V2 5.017 Master Version.

KESS 5.017 Ksuite 2.23

Q1 : What is the meaning of KESS 5.017 full activated version ?

A1 : New 5.017 KESS V2 Master is full actived version for bikes, cars,trucks without tokens limited,it with activated original datebases for both software and hardware,no tokens limited and 100% working,see more at

Q2 : Will KESS FW5.017 has Same hardware PCB and software as KESS 4.036,but with some improvements ?

A2 : No, the KESS 5.017 Master used new reworked PCB,supports online ,no reset buttons,and can programming more vehicles. Though Latest software for KESS V4.036 and KESS V5.017 China are 2.23,yet,in the fact,they didnt use same software,so pls dont install KESS V2 FW5.017 software to kess 4.036, otherwise , you will meet the problem like “external exception eeface”.

Q3 : Is KESS 5.017 PCB was original one or chinese version ?

A3 : Currently,the bestselling KESS V5.017 was chinese version, but you can take easy, the KESS 5.017 China with original ori kess 5.017 datebases and this kit tool has been tested by many users and 100% working. See KESS 5.017 Ksuite 2.23 PCB show

KESS V5.017

Q4 : Should i buy kess 5.017 or kess 5.017 with reset button ?

A4 : About this question,different people will have different answers,it mainly depends on own favorite. For me,i’m tender to buy KESS V2 5.017 Without reset button, far as i known, the KESS 5.017 With Reset Button with 30 times tokens limited and you need to press reset button when 30 times tokes finished,in some degree, the reset button version wasnt so conevience to use. As you maybe know,the NEW KESS V2 5.017 Ksuite 2.23 supports online ,no reset button with unlimited tokens,and this kit has been tested by many users.

Q5 : What is the big different between KESS V2 4.036 and KESS 5.017 Unlimited Tokens ?

A5 : KESS V5.017 Master Version was updated from 4.036,is the updated version of KESS V4.036,and the different between these two kits mainly in following

1.New KESS 5.017 FW Supports online vehicle’s list to 140+ ,included EDC17 ECU.

2. Online supporting and you dont need disconnect your network when using.

3. unlimited tokens and 100% working.

4.reworked PCB with better performance and faster reading and writting speed.

Q6 : Which Vehicles will KESS V2 FW5.017 Master Version Supported ?

A6 : About KESS 5.017 Supported vehicles models,you can google or go to forum to find ansers you can directly go to our store to find more details right here :

Q7 : What is the warrenty time for KESS V5.017 ?

A7 : Our product has been tested before shipping out,so it will 100% working,but if you met problem, pls dont worry,We provide one month wattenty since the package received, during which,you will receive free afterservice,if the valid time passed,you can also get useful and in time after service right here

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