How to fix BMW ICOM Next Led Flashing Red Problem

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BMW ICOM NEXT was the best replacement of ICOM A2 with powerful features and function,and ICOM NEXT A+B+C was regarded as the best coding and programming tool for BMW. And 2017 new BMW ICOM NEXT Diagnostic Has been tested by many users with a good reputation for its quality,performance and price.

In the normal time,the BMW ICOM NEXT will work great without any problems,but today,when i hang around some fourm,i noticed that some users met the problems like “BMW ICOM Next Led Flashing Red” like following pix show


Usually this problem was resulted from the problem with the processor and the algorithm for writing errors in the firmware from the old icom.

To fix this problem,you can get a quality one from

Or You can remove the error by connecting a three-wire fan or a pulse generator with a frequency of 400 Hz.For normal operation it is necessary to set cool the CPU,see pix show

BMW ICOM NEXT Diagnostic Tool

Then you will make your BMW ICOM NEXT working agin.

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