How to Fix KESS 5.017 “Security Code Not Ready” Problem

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KESS V2 5.017 Master Version was the top bestselling ECU Chip Tuning Tool in 2017. And there also have many KESS 5.017 Reviews about KESS 5.017 China Top Quality, highly performance,easily to use ,decent price and so on. Just as we have known, KESS 5.017 Ksuite 2.23 is  full activated for bikes, cars,trucks,the online vehicle supported list can  up to 140+ ,without limited tokens. KESS V5.017 Master With Original ORI files and 100% working. Thought KESS FW5.017 is great,but some users will still meet some problem like “Security Code Not Ready” and so on, if you happen to meet this problem, pls dont worry, the problem mainly result from operation,not product itself.

And following is a Customer Solutions on how to  he fix the KESS 5.017 “Security Code Not Ready” error,he has tested and 100% working,so ,i quotated here and hope it will be useful for other users who maybe suffering from same confusion.

KESS 5.017 Problem

There are three Methods to fix the problem.

Method 1
1.Assure your KESS 5.017 is top quality like this one : KESS V2 5.017 Master Version
2.Pls dont write with empty battery,otherwise,Kess v2 master says all ok, but after this,the car crank but not start.

Cooling ventilator works.Helps to write the ecu in BDM mode.But first you need full BDM for it.My tuner have prepaired file for me to write it.After writing,I can read out it an make DPF off.

Method 2 : Change read speed to slow

If this does not work,leave ignition on position two for 30- 40 mins,They try to read ECU without tunring ignition off when Kess 5.017 ksuite  2.23 software  ask.

Method 3 : Connect and correctly choose driver
1.)Choose setup,in options IENTIFY ,READ,WRITE,RECOVER,SPECIAL and Setup
2.)Choose Speed, in 2 options PULL UP and Speed
3.)Select MINIMUM, in 2 options MINIMUM and MaxiMUM
Note these options do not appear to be sticky so you must do this for each attempt

If your KESS with this problem,then you can follow this guide a shot,if still cant be fixed,pls dont hesitant to contact us below

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