How to Install and Activate V1.3.0.14 UPA-USB Device Programmer

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UPA USB Serial Programmer V1.3.0.14 is one of the cheapest but workable ECU Programmer For Multi-cars,but when you install V1.3 UPA USB ECU Programmer, the upa usb program requires “User Name” and “Activation Key and users can’t use V1.3.0.14 UPA untill the UUSP be activated. So,just in case,some users who maybe meet activation problem,here,i will share a step by steps guide on how to activate UPA USB ECU Programmer V1.3.0.14,hope it will be useful.

1.Install latest V1.3.0.14 UPA-USB Programmer,unzipped UPA-USB device programmer software UPA1.3,then you will get UPA 1.3 Folders

2.Open UPA 1.3 Folder and you will get these files

3.Double Click”Setup” to UPA-USB Device Programmer

4.Follow the system guide till the setup finished.

5.Open this folder

You will get these files

6. Copy uuprog.lic file to uuprog software folder,and If the uuprog software will be installed for first time to this computer,you have to install the usb driver or update USB driver – upausb.sys if it is needed

7.After finished,then you need to activate UUSP before using,When activation dialog is shown, click “Get Activation” button ,or if you have no Internet access, copy and save Hardware ID
– Login using your ELRASOFT Client Center user name and password – see your software registration email
– if it is needed, enter the hardware ID and click “Get Activation” button

and Copy/paste obtained activation key and user name to UUPROG activation dialog and click “Activate”button

10.After finished,you can install and activate V1.3 UPA-USB Serial Programmer without any problems.

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