How to Program BMW all keys lost by OBDII With SKP1000

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SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer is 2017 new introducted powerful and amazing diagnostic scanner for almost all world’s cars and SKP-1000 also was regarded as the must have tool for locksmiths for its creative features ,powerful function and easily operation,and today,this article will share a step by steps guide on how to use SKP1000 Key Programmer,here i will take BMW cars for example,hope it will be helpful.

1.Connect SKP1000 car key programmer with vehicle via OBD socket ,turn ignition switch to ON position.

2.Power on your  SKP-1000 Auto Key Programmer

SKP1000 Auto Key Programmer

3.Choose Immobilizer function->Select “BMW” from home menu

skp1000 auto key programmer

4.Click Confirmed,then Select “Key”–“Key Type A”

SKP-1000 Auto Key Programmer

5.Choose OBDII connector,turn Ignition ON,Press YES to continue

SKP1000 Tablet Key Programmer

6.Select “All key lost”,configuring system,then wait for a moment,then the system will ask you “Continue to program next key?” Press YES to continue

7.Insert a new key,then turn ignition ON,press YES to continue

SKP1000 Auto Key Programmer

8.Configuring… SKP1000 Program BMW key success.

SKP1000 SKP-1000

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