How to solve 2018 FVDI ABRITES Commander Error “Device not Open”

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How to deal with 2018 FVDI commander error— “Device not open”

Customer  feedback : The FVDI prompts “DEVICE NOT OPENED” during online activation and the indicator light on the main unit turns red and flashes. The light of Softdog also flashes.

2018 FVDI

2018 FVDI

solution is easy : The software version V6.3 is not available, and links to download the latest FVDI V7.0 software.

Free Download Latest Fvdi ABRITES Commander software v7.0 :!WAglGaTB!t-JvU38sWLrw4CEmpidu0TZzkNbhGGsLweAbYOrb-Yw

FVDI ABRITES Commander 18 in 1 Introduction:

Model name:FVDI Full with Usb Dongle,100% Working!!!
Software Version:18 brand softwares ,different versions
Update:No Update Now
Car Models:Multi-cars
Functions:Diagnose + Odometer Correction+ Key Programmer + ECU Programmer
Connection:By OBD2.

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2015V FVDI ABRITES Commander 18 in 1 With USB Dongle No Limited Support Special Functions

2018 FVDI



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