How to Use 2017 New Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet

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Launch X-431 V was regarded as the most popular and one of best recommended scanner for full system. X-431 V was specially based on Android system,with 8″ touch screen and can provides full diagnostic for full system.And Launch X431 V 8″ Scanner build in WiFi Module,supports stable WiFi and Bluetooth connection and also supports special functions. Now 10% OFF For Original X-431 V is available at BUYOBDII,check best deal : Launch X-431 V 8inch Tablet WiFi/Bluetooth Full System

And following is a step by steps guide on how to install and use Launch X431 V

Step 1 : You need to registered a launch account with the user name and password to activate your device. The series numbers and activated code was in a Password Envelope that come with your package accessories together.

Step 2 : After activated successfully,you will enter Launch home menu,then the system will ask you whether wanna to  downloaded  software,click yes,then choose the car models software you want to download

Launch X-431 V 8inch Scanner

Step 3 : After choose,Click “Download” ,then the system will process the request accordingly. After finished,then go to European, then VW (X-431 V can support almost all cars,here i just take VW for example).

Launch X-431 V 8 Tablet

Step 4 : Next, plug the connector to the DLC socket on the car

X-431 V 8" Scanner Launch X-431 V 8" Scanner

Step 5 : Open the bluetooth connection

Launch X431 V 8

Step 6 : Then you can have a quick test for the car.



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