How to use ECU Cover Open Tool For KTM100 KTAG KESS FGtech

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ECU Cover Open Tool For KTM100 KTAG KESS FGtech

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KTM100 KTAG ECU PC Version Open Cover Tool 4pcs/lot

ECU Cover Open Tool


Color: Gold and Silver, random shipments

ECU Open Tool For Kess Ktag Fgtech details:
Useful tools for opening the ECU.
By screwing the tools instead of screws, the cover is lifted upwards in a uniform manner, avoiding to fold or damage the ECU when inserting screwdrivers for leverage.
To facilitate the removal is advised to heat the lid so that the silicon softens.

100% Brand New & High Quality of ECU Cover Extractor Car Computer Removal Tool:
This Tool is designed to remove/ install car ECU computer cover easily.
Works perfect with ECU tunning tools, such as KTAG, KESS, FGTECH.
Need to use four or six at a time depending on the type of ECU coverage.
Must be fixed in place of the screws on the control unit and allow the user to remove the cover without damaging or deforming it.



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