How to Use SBB V46.02 to Programm New Key For Toyota G Chip

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v46.02 SBB Key programmer has launched for ages,it is the updated version of SBB V33.02 and can support more car list,like Acura 2012, Chevrolet 2013, GMC 2013 and so on.SBB V46.02 Key Programmer supports firmware updating and also supports Toyota G Chip.And today,this blog will share a step by steps guide on how to programm Toyota G Chip with SBB V46.02 Silca Auto Key Programmer,hope it will be useful.

1.Insert the blank new key into your car keyhole and Turn on ignition switch.

2.Insert SBB 16-pin interface into your car OBD2 diagnostic seat.

SBB Key Programmer V46.02 User Manual

3.Select IMMOBILIZER function form Main Menu,then choose vehicle brand and region: TOYOTA USA

V46.02 SBB Key Programmer

4.Select vehicle model “SEQUOIA”

5.then SBB Key Programmer V46.02 will read out immobilizer pin code from immobilizer dump/EEPROM of the car before writing it into new blank key and you will find no tokens limited.

6.Follow the instructions showed on the SBB screen,wait for a moment,then you will pragramm successfully.


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