Comparision between OBDSTAR F100 and OBDSTAR H100

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Newest Ford/Mazda Programmer OBDSTAR H100 Replace OBDSTAR F100

Comparision function between OBDSTAR F100 and OBDSTAR H100:

1. H100 use new hardware chip, which have better performance than OBDSTAR F100
2. H100 support car models till 2017/2018. Most important is H100 added follow car models:
Pincode Free Matching
for New Mondeo/Edge/Taurus/Mustang/F150 2015- Models
Edge 2016+
F150 2015
Galaxy 2015+
Mondeo 2015+
Mustang 2015+
Ranger 2016+

Comparision Price between OBDSTAR F100 and OBDSTAR H100:

OBDSTAR H100 Ford/Mazda Auto Key Programmer Supports 2017/2018

OBDSTAR H100 newly released auto key programmer for Ford/Mazda, covers a wide range of vehicles, including models up to the 2016/2017 year, and even to the 2018 year.


OBDSTAR F100 F-100 Mazda/Ford OBD2 Key Programmer No Need Pin Code and Odometer

OBDSTAR H100 Ford Mazda Key Programmer


OBDSTAR H100 programmer is newly released by OBDSTAR company.It support
2017/2018 Models like F150/F250/F350.


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