SBB Key Programmer Comparison : SBB V46.02 vs SBB V33.02

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2017 New SBB Key Programmer SBB V46.02 was released and launched the marketplace. The V46.02 SBB is the new generation of SBB Key Programmer Diagnostic Tool for many cars,which was based on SBB V33.02. And today,this article will present a comparison between SBB V46.02 Key Programmer and SBB V33.02 Key Programmer to help users better know about SBB OBD2 Immobilizer Key Programmer.

New SBB V46.02 Key Programmer vs SBB V33.02

1.Software Version : New SBB Key Programmer was 46.02,the older version was v33.02

SBB V46.02 vs SBB V33.02

2.2017 New SBB V46.02 Add rs232 cable ,can support firmware update,while the olde SBB V33.02 doesnt.

3.SBB Key Programmer V46.02 can support more car list,like Toyota, Honda and Ford to Year 2014,newer cars such as for Acura 2012, For Chevrolet 2013, For GMC 2013.. ,See below pix show


SBB V46.02 vs SBB V33.02






and so on,more car comparison between SBB Key Programmer V46.02 and V33.02 can be checked at

3. Compared to V33.02 SBB Key Programmer,the New SBB Key Programmer V46.02 can support multi-Languages : Italian / German/French /English /Spanish /Greek /Portuguese /Turkish /Russian.

SBB Key Programmer V46.02

4. As new generation, SBB V46.02 OBD2 Immobilizer Key Programmer will provide better performance.


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