Shop KTAG 7.020 With GPT Cable For BMW VAG,Only 259USD !

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KTAG V7.020 is a well-known ECU Flasher Tool in 2017,though ,there are several types of KTAG 7.020,yet,currently,the most hot and popular types was KTAG V7.020 With GPT Cable like this one : KTAG 7.020 With GPT Cable Master Version  ,see pix show

KTAG 7.020

Now wholesale for KTAG FW7.020 is available,you can buy quality KTAG 7.020 Master Version only 259USD and following i will make a simple comparison between our KTAG 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 and other KTAG V7.020,hope it will be useful.

1.Our KTAG 7.020 China with original database and reworked PCB,100% working.

2. New 7.020 KTAG Master with GPT Cable for BMW,VAG and so on vehicle’s soldering.

KTAG V7.020 With GPT Cable

3. No reset button ,No USB dongle.

4.Online Supporting,unlimited tokens for both software and hardware.

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