SKP1000 V8.19 Updated Guide With Free Software Download Sharing !

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Newest Software V8.19 For SKP1000 Car Key Programmer was updated (2017-09-14). The latest software V8.19 Updated remote key programming menu language to English .And following is a step by steps guide on how to update SKP-1000 Tablet Key Programmer software to the latest version V8.19.

Prepared Things

1.  Workable SKP1000 Auto Key Programmer like this one : SKP1000 SKP 1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer.

2.Take the SD card out from SKP1000 Tablet and format it.

SKP1000 Auto Key Programmer V8.19Update Guide

Step1 : Download SKP1000 and extract file to SD card root directory,you can download latest software right here :!PwMzALjZ!gofY-ywTQqkvMuvGvTlmQrQdHMP333kkgnL1LmLgeXw

Step 2 : Turn off the skp1000 and insert SD card, then turn device on

SKP1000 Key Programmer

Step 3 : Come to UPDATE FIRMWARE menu, select SYSTEM FIRMWARE. Wait for 1 minute to update device.

skp1000 skp 1000 auto car key programmer.jpg

Step4 : Choose “Adaptor Firmware”


Step5 : Update success. Turn off skp1000.

Step6 : Turn on the machine again. Now remote key programming menu is in English.

Note : V8.19 only updates language of remote key programming, if you need to change special function language to English, please provide S/N to get language pack to update.

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