Things Custmers Should Know About KTAG 7.020 With GPT Cable

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KTAG 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 has launched the marketplace for ages ,yet,till now, KTAG V7.020 was still super hot and KTAG FW7.020 was regarded as the best ECU Flasher tool for heavy duty,boats,trucks. And following are some tips you need to know before buy KTAG 7.020 Master Version,hope it will be useful.

Things customers must know before purchasing KTAG 7.020 With GPT Cable

1.Currently,the hottest KTAG 7.020 version was K-TAG 7.020 China,though it wasnt original one,yet, KTAG V7.020 China Clone with reworked PCB and can supported online all Protocols without tokens limited and 100% working, unlimited tokens for both software and hardware,see KTAG 7.020 With GPT Cable PCB

KTAG 7.020

2. 7.020 KTAG Master Version With GPT Cable,this is a noticable different from our KTAG 7.020 from others.The KTag Infineon MED GPT Cable can be used for Bosch MED17 or BMW or VAG and so on,our KTAG 7.020 Full Kit contains a GPT Cable,but if you wanna buy a replacement one or buy KTAG 7.020 GPT Cable separately,you can buy from here directly : KTAG 7.020 Infineon MED GPT Cable.

KTAG 7.020 Master Version

3. To use 2017 New KTAG 7.020,you still need some soldering skills,because,you need to disport the ECU from your vehicles, but pls dont worry,it wasnt so difficult.And to conevience your job,here ,i will recommend you buy LED BDM Frame With 4 Probes Mesh together,because,with this tool,your disporting job will become more and more easier and simplier.

KTAG 7.020 With LED BDM Frame

LED BDM Frame With 4 Probes Mesh

4. Our KTAG 7.020 can be used online,no reset button need.No tokens limited and you dont need to disconnect your network when using.

5.Now you can buy KTAG 7.020 China with cheap price at,only 259USD !




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